Must-Experience in Pinhão

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Pinhão: Rabelo Boat Cruise to Romaneira

Discover the charm of the Douro River towards
Appreciate the breathtaking landscapes of the Alto
Douro Wine Region, a World Heritage Site…

1 Hour Pinhão  Roundtrip

€ 12,50


Pinhão: Rabelo Boat Cruise to Tua

Explore the Beauty of the Douro towards Tua.
Embark on a traditional Rabelo Boat and be
enchanted by the magnificent views of the Alto
Douro Wine Region, a recognized jewel…

2 Hours Pinhão  Roundtrip

€ 25,00

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Elevate Your Experience with Our Onboard Audio Guide App

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Elevate Your Experience with Our Onboard Audio Guide App

Discover the Perfection of the Douro

Pinhão, Alto Douro Wine Region

At Companhia Turística do Douro, we offer more than just cruises – we provide unique experiences that capture the soul and beauty of the Douro.

With our fleet of traditional Rabelo Boats, each journey becomes a memorable adventure, revealing the secrets and stories of one of the most fascinating wine regions in the world. Join us and be enchanted by the magic of the Douro!

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Live the Douro: A Visual Journey

Discover the essence of the Douro, where every landscape is an invitation to an extraordinary experience on a Rabelo Boat

Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

The most unforgettable experience in the Douro! Our tour with Companhia Turística do Douro was truly memorable! The landscapes along the Douro River are breathtaking. I also loved how easily I could book the tour through the website, which provided detailed information about this superb experience. It offered the best value for money!

Félix Morais (Portugal)

In the heart of the Alto Douro Wine Region! Our post-wedding tour with Companhia Turística do Douro was simply perfect! The prepared menu was divine, and we felt genuinely welcomed aboard the Rabelo boat. The team’s professionalism was remarkable. We highly recommend this unique experience!

Sophie Dubois (France)

Thank you, Companhia Turística do Douro! We left the Douro deeply impressed with the attention to detail by Companhia Turística do Douro. ️ From the efficient booking process on the website to disembarkation, everything was perfect. The sailors were knowledgeable and passionate about the region.

Giuliana Assunção (Brazil)

A wonderful journey through the Douro! The tour offered a unique perspective on the region and its historical vineyards. The Audio Guide App was an excellent touch, providing detailed information about the sights we saw. It’s clear that this organization is committed to delivering an outstanding experience!

Emily Johnson (United States)

Helpful and dedicated team! The staff at Companhia Turística do Douro were extremely professional throughout our tour. They served us a wonderful Port Wine with great friendliness, and the crew’s availability made our day in Pinhão unforgettable. Highly recommended, I plan to return with family and friends! ❤️

Madalena Sousa (Portugal)

The serenity and beauty of the entire region on one cruise! It was our last day in the Douro, and we had already seen so much beauty, yet this tour managed to surprise us once more. We opted for the 1-hour tour, and it was the pinnacle of our visit! Exploring the Alto Douro Wine Region with Companhia Turística do Douro was genuinely enchanting.

Hiroki Takahashi (Japan)

An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Douro! From the start, Companhia Turística do Douro impressed us with their attention to detail and hospitality. The tour through the Douro was a dream journey – the views are absolutely spectacular, and the onboard team made everything even more special. We learned so much about the region! We can’t wait to return.

Laura and Michael Smith (Canada)

A magical tour through the Douro! We were amazed by the beauty and tranquility of the Douro during our tour with Companhia Turística do Douro. Everything was organized perfectly, from the easy booking on the site to the warm welcome onboard. The team has a deep knowledge of the region’s history and culture, enriching our experience with fascinating facts. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic way to explore this wonderful region!

Olivia Martinez (Spain)

Enchanting Douro, Unforgettable Moments! As a solo traveler, I was looking for an experience that would allow me to connect deeply with the essence of Portugal, and Companhia Turística do Douro delivered just that. The 2-hour tour was a perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural immersion, and relaxation. The audio guide was an excellent companion, providing rich insights into the Douro’s history and viticulture. The Port Wine tasting while cruising past the quintas was a highlight, offering a taste of the region’s soul. Truly an exceptional way to discover the Douro Valley!

Oksana Ivanenko (Ukraine)

A Breathtaking Douro Adventure! Our family excursion with Companhia Turística do Douro was beyond extraordinary. The Douro Valley’s vistas left us speechless, and the crew’s hospitality made us feel like royalty. The Rabelo boat ride was not just a tour; it was a journey into the heart of Portugal’s wine country, with every moment creating a lasting memory. The Port Wine tasting was a delightful touch, adding an authentic flavor to our experience. A must-do for any traveler to Portugal!

The Johnson Family (United Kingdom)

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Our Location

Meeting Point (CTDouro - Boarding Pier)

Cais A, Tv. da Marginal, 5085-044 Pinhão (In front of Snack-Bar Praia Bar)
GPS coordinates: 41.1896, -7.5464

CTDouro - Local Ticket Line

R. da Praia, 5085-042 Pinhão (In front of LBV 79 Restaurant)
GPS coordinates: 41.1898, -7.5480

CTDouro - Administrative Office

R. da Praia 12, 5085-042 Pinhão
GPS coordinates: 41.1906, -7.5479

Parking Lot (Close to Douro River)

Free and a 1-minute walk to our Boarding Pier
GPS coordinates: 41.1899, -7.5482

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