Embark on a journey along the Douro Valley on a Rabelo Boat

Companhia Turística do Douro

“At the bow of a stone ship, sailing on a sweet sea of grape must…” Miguel Torga
No hurry, zigzagging along the Douro River

Daily Cruises

With approximately two hours of sightseeing, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the Douro River, surrounded by comfort and nature with Companhia Turística do Douro.

From Pinhão to Tua (round trip)

2-Hours Rabelo Boat Cruise

25€ per person

From Pinhão to Romaneira (round trip)

1-Hour Rabelo Boat Cruise

€12.50 per person

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A Special Itinerary for a Private Cruise

With family, friends, or for a romantic cruise for two, we specialize in organizing group events in the Douro Valley.

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Kayak Renting

Enjoy at your leisure a Kayak adventure on the fantastic Douro River or the cosy Pinhão River.

1-Hour - 20€

Morning or Afternoon (3-Hours) - 30€

Full Day (Opening Hours) - 40€


Once upon a time in the Douro

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Give your loved one or friend a different day out with an unforgettable Cruise Journey.

Marina Parking

Pinhão River Recreation Centre

Companhia Turística do Douro has a platform with 32 parking spaces for boats on the bank of the Pinhão River.

Companhia Turística do Douro

In a region of excellence that is the Douro Vinhateiro, the objective of this Company is to publicise the region, basing its action on three vectors: the vineyard, the wine and the river.

Daily and Exclusive Cruises in the Douro Wine Region

A Brief History of the Douro


The Rabelo's

The Barco Rabelo was a typical boat of the Douro River used to transport wine barrels. With a square sail, it was usually handled by six or seven men.


The Douro River

It was this River, once narrow and dangerous, that brought prosperity to the region, through which the precious nectar, Douro Port Wine, was transported.


Past Centuries

In centuries gone by, the river posed a challenge and a danger to those who navigated it. It was full of strong currents and half submerged rocks.


From Douro to Foz

Only the Rabelo could navigate these waters and transport the wine from the Douro Valley to the mouth, on whose banks the city of Porto is located.

A Galleon

Capable of carrying up to 100 barrels of wine, the Rabelo was instantly recognisable by its long, elegant steering oar.


"Now, sail with God"

With great precision on the river the master in the quadrant released the steering of the oar, took off his cap and then crossed his arms exclaiming: "Now, sail with God".

Sailing the Douro since 1993

About our Fleet

Konstantinos K
Konstantinos K
Quite good experience, running all year long You can't visit Pinhao and not take a boat cruise. Very nice and clean boat where you can enjoy the river and the great views. Running all year long, even during the winter, and several times per day. Note however that some of the cruises may not take place if there is low participation (I wanted to take the 2hr cruise but I was informed that it would not take place that day). I would like though maybe more interaction and information provided by the staff on board. Otherwise everything good.
Clean windows Fantastic boat. We were highly impressed with how clean the windows were inside!!! That in and of itself deserved this rating.
Pleasant Douro River cruise in Pinhao This cruise was our second one on this trip. The first one was on the Aveiro canal. Each paid 10E for a 40 min cruise. Although the ticket office and boat were in front of our Hotel Vintage House Douro, we were driven there. The riverfront walk would alternatively have been pleasant and not too demanding.The boat was over half full. I think our group were the only passengers over 50 years old.The scenery was breathtaking. Rows and rows of vineyards up and down the terraced hillside. Occasionally there is a quinta among the vineyards. The weather was cool and sunny.
Thomas V
Thomas V
Pleasant Cruise on the Douro Very pleasant hour cruise on the Douro with a modest amount of commentary in several languages. The ride was smooth, the seating was comfortable, and the scenery was lovely. And it was totally safe.
Stephane V
Stephane V
Par ici le bon plan Nous avons pris le tour de 2h qui est superflu. En effet, les plus beaux paysages sont a la sortie de Pinhao, le tour d une heure est amplement suffisant.Bateau sympathique. A l avant du bateau, nous n entendions pas la bande sonore explicative.
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