Daily: Discover by Rabelo Boat the Charm of the Douro!

The Alto Douro Wine Region, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, boasts more than two millennia of history in wine production, giving rise to the world-renowned Port Wine. With 30 years of history and experience, we invite you to explore the grandeur of this region aboard a Rabelo Boat on our Daily Tours. Discover the Douro with us and live an unforgettable experience!

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What better way to explore the incredible Alto Douro Wine Region and its stunning landscapes than by taking an unforgettable tour along the waters of the Douro River? – Daily and at all available hours


Pinhão: Rabelo Boat Cruise to Romaneira

Discover the charm of the Douro River towards
Appreciate the breathtaking landscapes of the Alto
Douro Wine Region, a World Heritage Site…

1 Hour Pinhão  Roundtrip

€ 12,50


Pinhão: Rabelo Boat Cruise to Tua

Explore the Beauty of the Douro towards Tua.
Embark on a traditional Rabelo Boat and be
enchanted by the magnificent views of the Alto
Douro Wine Region, a recognized jewel…

2 Hours Pinhão  Roundtrip

€ 25,00


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