Payment Methods

How can I pay for the cruise?

Trips must be paid by card via payment method and online booking directly on the Website, or by bank transfer by ATM reference, after contacting and checking availability with the Team via email. IBAN: PT50004520234029922684013

By Easypay, through ATM references with check-digit, with expiry date or open.

Payments by Visa and Mastercard

You can also pay in person by ATM or cash.
Payments must respect the date indicated by the tour operator.

When does my cruise become effective?

Bookings are only considered effective after confirmation from the tour operator. You will receive confirmation of your booking by email when you register.

When will I receive my Cruise documents?

Once you have paid the full amount of the booking, you will be sent a receipt by email which must be presented at the time of travel.

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